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Subsidized Housing

/ Satisfy needs, fulfill expectations

GLOBAL has a system to simplify the complexities of large real estate projects, making them feasible, both economically and technically. The firm provides the necessary tools to offer products with are both profitable and affordable, bearing in mind each client’s specific needs and requirements.

The firm is an integrator, managing all the stages of the process (materials, logistics, technical supervision, project management and quality control) to offer solutions which are comprehensive, simple and ready to put into operation.

GLOBAL significantly reduces investment needs required for the implementation of this type of projects given the simplicity of the construction technology used (unskilled labor and absence of heavy machinery).

All of the factors described allow the firm to deal with large subsidized housing projects with the optimum quality and a rigorous control of implementation times and costs.

GLOBAL combines a variety of construction technologies depending on the needs and preferences of each city/country (climate of the area, administrative regulations, culture, etc.).

Throughout the implementation process, the firm applies a unique quality control method in the subsidized housing industry. The quality procedure includes both certification of the end product, in addition to materials and the entire construction process, fulfilling international regulations and standards, in addition to codes concerning protection from earthquakes and hurricanes.