Corporation Global Network

Non-Ferrous Scrap

/ Initiating the Transformation of Steel

GLOBAL markets and supplies a wide range of high-quality products of non-ferrous metals, both recyclable and durable, used as raw materials in the steel industry on a global scale.

Non-ferrous metals supplied by GLOBAL are the following:

  • Aluminum: Taint Tambor, Al Tense, Pieces of sheet, anodized and lacquered, aluminum wire, lamination cuts, etc.
  • Copper: Copper wire, granulated copper, with PVC, etc.
  • Brass: Brass shavings, engraved brass, brass tips and bars, etc.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel scrap.

The quality of the materials supplied by GLOBAL is a result of the specifications and chemical components tested by the Quality Department of the firm and these are subject to the highest quality standards.

GLOBAL is firmly committed to the environment, applying the most demanding measures for control and supervision in recycling processes, optimizing the energy efficiency thereof. In using these methods, GLOBAL is able to save around 70% of the energy, and 40% of the water used in the recycling processes.