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/ Mergers and Acquisitions

GLOBAL has a prime position in the Mergers and Acquisitions field, given the high level of knowledge of its professionals and also the number of operations led to completion.

The service provided by the firm is based on adopting a business view, in addition to a purely financial view, and is suited to companies and businesspeople which:

  • Wish to increase in size and competitiveness by acquiring or merging with competitors or related businesses.
  • Have growth projects based on the implementation of business lines, distribution networks and strategic acquisitions.
  • Have an opportunity to convert activity lines into independent companies lead by executives or with external management teams.
  • Need to restructure financially to boost efficiency and grow.
  • Seek “natural owners” for their assets allowing them to achieve maximum value from these assets.

GLOBAL philosophy is based on developing long-term relationships with clients, providing an integrated service with added value, based on professional and industry experience applied creatively, a sense of opportunity and anticipation of changes in the business environment.

The firm’s mission is to make a significant contribution to allowing clients to reach their Strategic Objectives and generate value in their companies.

GLOBAL partners with companies and businesspeople in the pre-transaction and post-transaction stages and assists in the implementation of corporate operations as an integrated part of the strategic process.

The services provided by the firm can be GLOBAL under the following scopes of action:

Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Pre-transaction Consultancy
  • Fairness Opinion
  • Due Diligences
  • Transaction Implementation
  • Purchase/Sale of companies/assets
  • Post-transaction Consultancy
  • Corporate Management Outsourcing
  • Management of Restricted Auctions
  • Management of Buying/Selling Operations
Private Equity / Venture Capital
  • Leveraged transactions (LBOs, MBOs, MBIs)
  • Spin-offs advisory
  • Built Ups advisory
  • Interim Management
  • Strategic advising

Completed Transactions
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