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We are convinced that the success of international trading transactions relies on knowing how to design the best financial solution, for the supplier and customer. Since each of our suppliers or customers have different needs, we concentrate in finding the best solution plus taking into account the local cultures of each region.These solutions increase the performance of the working capital of suppliers and customers:

• Long and ShortTerm Credit Facilities.
• Documentary Credits.
• CMA (Collateral Management Agreement), where we supplies raw material and finished products to the customer, granting financial payments in installments.As a result the company will count with greater cash flow.

All transactions, whether big or small are taken into consideration by our financial department, in order to facilitate the most appropriate solution for each individual case.

Our financial services successfully manage business transactions, with the best trade finance solutions to satisfy our customers, increasing the performance of their working capital.

Sales in the international market place usually entail a high degree of uncertainty over the timing of payments between the exporters and importers. For this, GLOBAL is engaged and specialized in providing complete and personalized consulting and financial services to assist them through the process avoiding all risks while being respectful to customs, cultural or legal particularities that may exist.

Our financial products include the Letter of Credit, which is the most secure and widespread payment instrument available to international traders, with a doble function: Payment, Guarantee and Credit instrument.

GLOBAL assist clients with “back to back” operations. By receiving the documentary credit from the end customers and opening “back to back” to our clients supplier. For example, we receive the L/C at 180 from B/L date days from a client and we open an L/C at sight for the supplier.

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