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Other Projects

/ Financing, construction and participation in more than 1,000 projects

The activities of GLOBALin this business line are focused on the design, development, and implementation of “turnkey” projects in the fields of Subsidized Housing, Hospitals and Healthcare Infrastructures, Highways and Roads, Airports and Shopping Centers, among others.

GLOBAL has methodologies and own systems for the development and implementation of projects and this, together with the high growth of the number of professionals working at the firm, and alliances with specialized firms allows it to ensure the success of strategies, exceeding client expectations.

The firm has the financial support required to provide funding to certain projects and this, together with its shareholdings in a variety of construction companies, allows it to undertake large projects in multiple countries.

GLOBAL and its professionals have implemented more than 200 construction projects, including 27 airports (2 international airports), 60,000 subsidized houses (Venezuela, Belize, Nigeria, Congo, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Cameroon, among other countries), Hospitals, Clinics and Healthcare Centers (Venezuela), Production Facilities for Intravenous Solutions (Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam and Russia), Shopping Centers, Highways, etc.

The firm’s clients include Government Institutions, Real Estate Developers, NGOs, Mining Companies and Private Investors.

GLOBAL closely cooperates with the World Bank to finance social projects.